Pad Infill Well Program




industry sector

Heavy Oil Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage


Fort McMurray


Over a period of 3 years, Tekarra work closely with our client to assist them with the scoping, engineering, and implementation on their pad program for an existing SAGD facility. We were involved in a range of activities over the lifecycle of a well:

  • Wellhead conversions (Gas-lift, ESP, Rod pumps)
  • Well and well pad additions
  • Additions and revamps to Group and Test Facilities
  • Gas and solvent injection
  • Templating and optimization
  • Hydraulic Studies

On one sample project, we worked with the client to execute their 3-well and a 6-well infill well programs with a small but experience Tekarra team.

Tekarra was responsible for the front end and detailed engineering on these projects with procurement, post-order vendor management, and RFI support. Tekarra has helped the client make their templated design more efficient to further reduce costs by:

Reduced Inst/Ctl/Elec Field Costs

We changed the control skid to be fully prefabricated, including all instrumentation and electrical connections to a local junction box. We worked with the custom heat trace fabricator to select, install, and test heat tracing and insulation in the shop prior to shipping; a first for them. Instead of mineral tracing, we utilized a new type of EHT. To reduce material costs, the emulsion and test lines were bundled together using the same insulation and tracing.

Field Welds

3D laser scans were used to accurately locate the tie-in points and modify the spool drawings to each location.
Pipe rack modules were templated and shop-built so that all that was required in the field was connecting spools to modules.

Efficient Wellhead

The tie-in module was designed to be low to the ground to minimize structural steel and foundation requirements. Collaborated with operations and drilling to determine acceptable positioning of the tie-in modules.


Re-templated the design for all nine wells, reducing expensive field work to minimize overall cost and time.